Miss America Weekend!

Miss America weekend was truly an unforgettable experience and one I will indeed cherish! The start of the weekend wasn't off to a great one, I was traveling with my sister Jen McKenna and three bus times schedules were delayed and we were at port authority bus terminal for hours. It was past midnight and we had to be in Atlantic city hair and makeup ready for a photo shoot at 9am! Trying not to panic we needed up taking the Amtrak from NYC to Philadelphia and from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. Once we arrived to the hotel it was 8am and we began to get ready, running on only 2two hours of sleep we were exhausted. We got ready as quick as we could and headed to the Sherri Hill trunk show. We took pictures for pageantry magazine, tried on couture gowns and saw saw many old pageant friends. 

Last but not least we were were headed to the main event Miss America! Can I just say how amazing our seats were. We were so very close to the stage and right on the side of the judges. It was great to finally be on the other side and watch the contestants compete. You can feel the excitement and adrenaline in the audience. The entire production was amazing and it was incredible to witness this show live. We all know that the gorgeous Miss Georgia took home the title and I am sure she will do an amazing job holding the title of Miss America.

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