It's almost been about two weeks since I've arrived home from Orlando, I can officially say I've gotten back into the swing of things. As many of you may know I am blessed to say that I have captured the title of Royal International Miss 2015! It took a lot of hard work, determination, 
preparation and most importantly faith to return home with this coveted title.

There are many people to thank that helped me achieve this victory: Firstly my Titi for being a trooper and taking a bus from NYC to Orlando to make it to my competitions you are incredible , My cousin Amaury for taking me to and from the airport. Katie for being my amazing mentor and doing spontaneous appearances with me during our lunch breaks. Holly and Krisann for being the absolute BEST directors the east coast could have, always being on call and available to answer any questions or listen to any insecurities my sister queens and I may have had. To my best friends Tatiana and Ismael for putting up with me talking about nationals for months on end looking at pictures of different outfit ideas and helping me with essays and logos, I sincerely appreciate you both. Amber and Tiffany Luk you two have always been the best cheerleaders! thank you both for always giving me the extra push and confidence I needed to rock nationals, we are forever sisters. God Momma Tiff thank you for all of your unconditional love and support and for convincing me to buy the Tarik Ediz gown ;) Caitlin and Lisa my roomies, nationals would not have been the same without you two! Always making me laugh until I'm in tears, the endless pictures and pep talks before and after every competition you both hold a special place in my heart. I also want to give a big shout out to my pageant family for being true MVP'S and having the patience to cheer me on via Ustream haha! Thank you for your hilarious videos of my crowning, you all put a smile on my face. Jasmine, Jessica, Anna, Gabby, Luisa, Kayla, Vanessa and both Cynthia's love you guys!

Lastly, a special thank you to my angel who I know is watching me from above I hope to have made you proud, I love you forever.

RIM nationals sure kept us busy with charity baskets, scholarship essays, themed dinner parties and opening a new gift everyday from our "secret Sister" There was always something going on at the hotel and the amazing iCandy photography team was always there to capture every moment. Leslie Ann Templin did my hair and makeup for the week and she was absolutely fabulous! I was fortunate enough to win the Dream Royal scholarship essay for my non-profit organization "Everyday Counts Foundation" I also walked away with the national appearance award and national casual wear winner!

Words can't describe my excitement to be wearing the Royal International Miss title across my heart for the next year, I have six new adorable sister queens and I can't wait for the experiences 
we will share together serving this amazing system. 

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