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It’s a Birthday blogpost! *Cue the confetti and champagne* 

Vertical Verano

Hi Peeps!
Wow, feels like forever since I've sat down and talked to you guys.
SO much has been going on which explains my lack of posts. I know, I know consistency is key as a blogger. But I promise I have some fabulous content and collabs coming up that will keep both you and I busy!


Hi guys!
Cheers to a new post and cheers to one of my very first collaborations!!

The Micro-Influencer

According to Inc.com 2018 is the year of the Micro-Influencer!
The article points out that "Micro-Influencers" are typically more approachable, and budget friendly of course. In my opinion Micro-Influencers are so powerful because of their specific, targeted audience and stronger engagements.