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Running Through The Six

I totally named this post in honor of Drake's new album..(JK)


One of my favorite pageant designers has to be 
none other than Mac Duggal. 

My last two pageant competitions, I wore Mac Duggal during the 
"Fun Fashion" portion and I do not regret it ;) 

I was able to snag a pair of tickets to the Mac Duggal New York Fashion Week show, and the collection 
was nothing short of spectacular!


Hi there lovelies! (No pun) 
On what might have been the windiest day, I wanted to share this quick OOTD V-Day themed look with you guys. 

Whether you're spending the day with bae, friends, family, or no one at all -- just know that you are loved and you don't need a holiday to remind you that. 

That being said. Eat plenty of chocolate, say "I love you" to someone you care about. And have a fabulous Tuesday! 


Hello everyone! Happy Monday!

I wanted to start off the week with a casual look, this is an outfit that I would wear to class or any day that I have errands to run.

Fun fact: I practically live in leggings, they can easily be dressed up or down and of course they're VERY comfortable. The pair I'm wearing in this post is from Forever 21 (Only $3.80!!!) -- They're not the most durable, so I would stack up on them. 
Hope you guys enjoy this look, have a great week!!