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Hi guys!
Cheers to a new post and cheers to one of my very first collaborations!!

The Micro-Influencer

According to Inc.com 2018 is the year of the Micro-Influencer!
The article points out that "Micro-Influencers" are typically more approachable, and budget friendly of course. In my opinion Micro-Influencers are so powerful because of their specific, targeted audience and stronger engagements. 

Uptown Belle

Hey guys! seriously, TGIF!!
As many of you may know from my Instagram, I competed for the title of Miss New York United States this past weekend. Although the outcome wasn't exactly how I hoped, like every competition I feel stronger both mentally and physically and have learned something new about myself.

Caffeinated Pajama Shirt + Mini Life Update

Is it just me or is 2018 flying by?! Not to mention this is my first official blog-post since 
the new year (Shame on me!) Can I also note that, I just wrote down all of my goals for this year probably the other day. I'm a mess. Better let than never, as long as it gets done!